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Our Featured Projects.

Ozora Pumpui Stage

One special 500 m2 single tent with triple steel frame rings for ventilation and support.

2017, 2018 Ozora Festival

Pápa, Playa Luna

A large scale fully custom bamboo structure, house extension canvaswork, with white and beige canvases.

The request was to create a large space for wedding ceremonies extending this organic house towards the private lake.

2016, 2017, 2018, seasonal canvasing

Ghana workshop-storage-office permanent tents

With this work, we have tried to push the limits of the bedouin stretch tents to the maximum. Main steel webbing weigh 4.5 tons and its 8m high, this has two 550m2 canvases attached, that were opened after attachment to the support columns.

The idea came from the access of used drilling pipes, which are still in a good condition for construction and the access to high performance drilling rigs of Minerex Ltd.

There is still another set of 10 tents being installed right now, with a total size of 600m2.

Office tent: 330m2

Workshop and storage tent: 1150m2

Rig shades: 600m2 (still under consturcion)

Project started 2016



Ozora Ambyss Stage

Requested by Márton Szuhay and Ozora Festival, we have designed a new shape and put it to the test directly this year 2018 Ozora Festival as a new stage at the end of the small lake.

500m2 appoximated size, anchored by Krinner ground screws placed on top of a small hill, with special curve cut. Good job Ozora landworkers!


Thanks for this possibility to see something like this coming to life.


Everness Custom OAK Dome 15m D

One of a kind, oak and pine frame with laser cut 8mm steel joint plates and legs, covered with light 200 GSM Airtex canvas designed and built by us and Tent Pal, in 2015. (Sadly the building has been damaged when the buyer forgot to ask us to disassemble it and did it himself, destroying the frame as it collapsed, rest in pieces my only one...)

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