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Vision and Design makes Visign a sign.


Visign Tents has come to existence because of the cooperation with Dimensions Tents, and with the help of Carl Sharples as the Ceo of Dimensions and friend and with the help of Daniel my partner of this small company.

This partnership has started 6 years ago, with an initial order of 4 tents for S.U.N. festival and for Visign.

We still use that first prototype circular tent for rentals and it has travelled around Europe, supported Sundance in Spain and Vision Quest in Sardegna, thanks Carl for this tent!

During this 6 years there were other projects with different materials and structures, these buildings and designs can be found on this page. 

In 2018 July we have rigged out 2200m2 for Ozora Festival, our biggest Hungarian buyer, entering a new phase of stretch tent rentals and rigging in Hungary.

It seems our activity is based upon custom stretch tent design and rigging, which only a few festivals do, using membrane stretch tents, also its only Dimensions who is always up to the task to produce these custom tents, taking risks every time to do something new and inspiring.

We also do pure 3d designs with Rhino and other softwares, constantly looking for effective solutions from structural systems, to canvas shades. We have some experience with bamboo(Guadua) and epoxy systems with kevlar reinforcements that can be seen at Pápa during the season (Playa Luna). 

I wish to thank for all our visionary buyers and supporters and all the newcomers in the future.


Special thanks to our field riggers for the endurance and effort they have contributed in the past years.

Feel free to contact us if you have a wish to build or design in an inspiring way.

Visign crew

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