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Introducing Bedouin Stretch Tents

This special tent rigging system is coming to Europe from South African Companies.

There are several good stretch-tent companies, one of them is Dimensions Tents.

As our producer and partner, they have slowly shown us over the past 6 years cooperation, that almost anything is possible with these tents, especially if they need to perform well in outdoor-events.

A good setup can stand against 80-100 km/h winds.

These tents have the highest grade Fire Retardancy certificates, to be used all over the world with safety.

All tents are fully waterproof and fungus proof and shades can give cold-shadow (95% UV block).

The major advantage of these free-setup tents, is that they can adapt to uneven ground surfaces, and they can do so in large scale (1000 m2+).

If you are intrested in rentals to test these tents in real action, please connect with us trough email or phone to help you with the first steps in this process.

Its true that these tents are powerful products, but they can only show their capabilities, regarding style and safety, if they are rigged properly by our or Dimension's trained staff.

After a few setups, anyone can start off with his or her own tent setup styles, always respecting the basic rules of rigging stretch tents.


We always advice for those who intend to buy a Bedoiun Tent, to join one of our event riggings during main season, where we can show the basics of handling ropes, pegs, canvases, poles etc.

We wish to see more and more inspiring works of canvases in the coming years, done by creative people.

Thank you for your attention, please check out some of the works about rentals in our gallery here.

Credits to Dimensions Tents for the large Octagon tent and other neat setups.



Dimensinons showing the way, basic setup.

Thanks for the video guys!

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