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Ambyss stage 2018.
Ozora Festival

As a designer and rigger, I have to say, this tent has shown us the limits of our partnership with Dimensions as producer and supporter.

The simple fact that this tent has a 88m long curve on the long edge, has proven to be more than difficult to be produced and rigged following the original design.

The ground was especially carved to match the designed canvas shape.As a silver lining in the middle of a little crisis, the idea to use a huge moon-shaped canvas has shown to us, we can cancel all the frontal cables becouse the only movement this tent has after stretch, is vertical. So we have attached the front poles with 750mm ground screws. This did the trick.

When during the festival we have recieved a powerfu gust of south wind, exactly from the direction we never expect it to come, as in Hungary the prevailing wind is from the opposite direction, the tent perfomed very well and with a little extra work in 2019 this setup can be perfected.

We welcome this shape as a game changer and we will keep improving how to place these special tents up and how to design them for perfection to the stitching of the last tag.

The new shape will be called "Nyx".


This might very well be, my last custom stretch tent designed for a long time...

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